flower bouquets with some in focus and some blurred in the background

What Is My Birth Flower and What Does It Mean?

While you’re probably aware of your birthstone and astrological sign, there’s something subtle and beautiful that may have slipped you: birth flowers. You could get your birth flower in a bouquet, but bouquets wilt and fade over time. 
With our collection of birth flower necklaces, you can memorialize the beauty of a bouquet that will last a lifetime and then some! These pieces are perfect gifts for you, your loved ones, and your little loved ones. Mix, match, and curate something completely custom with these Cove charms.

flower bouquets with some in focus and some blurred in the background

Get to Know Your Birth Flower

January: Snow Drop

Product image of the charm on January’s  birth flower necklace: a Snowdrop
Snowdrops symbolize new beginnings, hope, and rebirth. Some say they also represent the ability to overcome challenges and blossom right at the harsh winter’s end. That’s why these blooms are the best birth flower for the first month of the year.

February: Violet

Product image of the charm on February’s  birth flower necklace: a Violet
The vivid violet is said to represent modesty, spiritual wisdom, faithfulness, and humility. These flowers are often religious symbols and appear in various works of art and literature. Roses are red, violets are blue, February is lovely, and you are too.

March: Daffodil

Product image of the charm on March’s  birth flower necklace: a Daffodil
The bright, cheerful yellow daffodil radiates and represents positivity and hope. This flower, like January’s Snowdrop, symbolizes rebirth, new life, and resilience, and also blooms at winter’s end. The daffodil is lively and welcomes the sunnier spring and summer months to come, much like the hints of warmth that we feel in March.

April: Daisy

Product image of the charm on April’s  birth flower necklace: a Daisy
April showers bring more than May flowers. The delicate, bright-eyed daisy is this month’s birth flower. It’s the perfect bloom for newborn jewelry. It’s pretty, pure, and cheerful. Legend says daisy carries meaning for mothers who miscarry in the same significant way they represent fertility. This flower charm makes for a beautiful mom-and-child bracelet or necklace.

May: Lily

Product image of the charm on May’s birth flower necklace: a Lily
Speaking of May flowers, here’s the lily in the spotlight. You might’ve noticed a common thread by now—many flowers symbolize motherhood and rebirth. The lily often also represents devotion, luck, and love in various cultures. Lillies can come in many colors like pink, yellow, orange, and red. These colors contain an array of meanings such as prosperity, passion, confidence, pride, wealth, gratitude, and enjoyment. This sweet bloom is beautiful and unique, just like you.

June: Rose

Product image of the charm on June’s birth flower necklace: a Rose
The rose is one of the many symbols of love and romance. The myths and legends suggest that roses were created by the goddess of love herself, so it’s no wonder they’re so iconic. June’s birth flower also signifies beauty, friendship, appreciation, gratitude, sensuality, new beginnings, and innocence, depending on the hue you choose. Like lilies, roses naturally bloom in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, and of course white, so there’s a stem for everyone in this bouquet.

July: Waterlily 

Product image of the charm on July’s birth flower necklace: a Waterlily
The waterlily symbolizes beauty with a bit of an edge. It symbolizes spirituality born out of mundanity. Not only that, but it reflects finding unity, peace, and balance in your life. This unique gem can come in every color of the rainbow just about and is subtly sweet in scent. It’s a beautiful bloom for July babies.

August: Poppy

Product image of the charm on August’s birth flower necklace: a Poppy
There’s nothing perkier than a poppy in our books! The poppy symbolizes remembrance, support, and optimism. It juxtaposes that which would be considered bleak with a flame of hope for what’s to come. As summer winds down, the poppy pops as a reminder of warm wishes as weary winter weather creeps closer.

September: Aster

Product image of the charm on September’s birth flower necklace: an Aster
The aster is an underrated beauty that comes in an array of colors, like pink, red, white, lilac, and mauve. This one reflects wisdom, valor, faith, love, and vibrancy, an upbeat bloom for the first flirt of fall. We can’t pick a favorite, but this birth flower necklace is a special one for our September sisters.

October: Marigold

Product image of the charm on October’s birth flower necklace: a Marigold
We love a glimmering marigold, don’t you? In addition to power, strength, and light, the marigold is essential to some cultures. It’s become a symbol for the Day of the Dead festivities as a reflection of positive energy, especially in times of darkness, sorrow, and loss. It’s easy to fall in love with October’s birth flower. Sunshine radiates from every petal!

November: Chrysanthemum

Product image of the charm on November’s birth flower necklace: a Chrysanthemum
You can’t go wrong if you love the chrysanthemum. November babies blessed with this beautiful blossom know it’s a fall favorite. Among the many things the chrysanthemum symbolizes, it radiates friendship, happiness, and well-being, along with longevity, fidelity, and optimism. While this pretty pick grows in white, yellow, orange, lavender, purple, and red, it can also blend together for some beautiful bicolor blooms.

December: Holly

Product image of the charm on December’s birth flower necklace: Holly
We’ve made it to December, last, but not least. Like marigolds and their association with the Day of the Dead, the holly plant has close ties to Christmas. Some believe it represents defense (due to the thorns) as well as domestic happiness, peace, and goodwill. It also symbolizes inner strength, endurance, eternal life, and fertility. Holly makes for a beautiful baby bracelet or birth flower necklace.


How to Style Birth Flower Necklaces and Bracelets

Birth flower necklace featuring multiple flowers

There’s beauty in versatility. Embrace our effortlessly charming birth flower collection by making it totally yours. You can choose from our circle and oval charms made from water and sweat-resistant metal. These are the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, no matter the occasion. 

Make memories and keep them close to your heart with pieces from the Cove collection. Shop stamped birth flower necklaces, newborn jewelry, delicate layering bracelets, rings, earrings, and more from Cove Jewelry.

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