A mother holding a baby shows off her newborn jewelry

The Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Baby Jewelry

Baby jewelry is the sweetest trend right now! Seriously, there’s nothing more adorable than a perfect, new baby rocking a tiny bracelet—not to mention matching mom-and-child bracelets. It's the perfect look! This post will cover all of the different things to consider when shopping for baby jewelry and how you can get the look for your sweet little one.
A mother holding a baby shows off her newborn jewelry

Shopping for Baby Bracelets, Made Easy

You should consider a few things when you shop, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed! We’ve made shopping for babies super easy. Here’s what you need to remember:


1. Size

A baby models stacked baby bracelets

Size is the first thing to think about when shopping for baby jewelry. Obviously, babies are a lot smaller than adults, so they need smaller-sized jewelry to fit their little bodies! If you ask us, there is nothing cuter than a mini bracelet like this one sold at Cove Jewelry. We offer different sizes depending on your baby’s age to ensure the perfect fit.

Babies also grow incredibly fast. Nothing would be more frustrating than buying a baby bracelet only for your baby to grow out of it in the next month or two. It’s important to look for jewelry that can grow with your baby to ensure they can wear it for a long time! At Cove, we offer extra-long chains that grow with your child for months and even years to come.


2. Shape

A baby models stacked baby bracelets on her wrist

The shape is another big thing to consider when purchasing jewelry for your child. If you want your baby to actually wear their jewelry, they need to have a comfortable experience. Make sure the jewelry you buy isn't too bulky or full of sharp edges. Something dainty that fits easily on their small wrists is a perfect option for any newborn, toddler, or child.

We carry several soft and delicate options that are perfect for any baby!


3. Materials

A baby models stacked baby bracelets while playing in the grass

Materials are another important factor to keep in mind. Here’s why:

First, children are not exactly known for having the easiest time keeping track of things. So, while you want something delicate, you also want something easy to keep track of—which can be a difficult balance to strike.

You’ll also want something that matches your baby’s youthful personality! People wear jewelry to express themselves, and babies are no exception to this. Pick baby jewelry that’s young and fun, like your child.

Beaded jewelry has our vote!
Beads are youthful and bright and keep the baby bracelets age appropriate. We sell a wide variety of beaded bracelets, guaranteeing you will find the perfect option for your baby.


 4. Supervision

A baby models baby bracelets while on her tummy

Supervision is key while shopping for baby jewelry. You will want to keep an eye on your baby while they wear their jewelry to keep them safe! Ensure you purchase a sturdy, well-made bracelet that won’t break or injure your child when your back is turned. At Cove Jewelry, we guarantee the quality of our jewelry so that both mama and baby will love these bracelets.


5. Matching

Two mom-and-child bracelets

Speaking of mom and baby, the last thing to consider as you shop for baby jewelry is something for yourself! Matching jewelry is such a sweet way to bond with your baby, and it is an adorable look (especially for family pictures!). We offer several mom-and-child bracelets so that you can always match your mini you.


Shop Baby Jewelry at Cove

At Cove Jewelry, we are passionate about feeling beautiful. Jewelry is a perfect addition to any outfit that can subtly elevate the look. We consider everything we’ve mentioned as we design our baby jewelry, and you can trust you are receiving a high-quality product that will satisfy both you and your child.


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