Our Top 4 Tips and Tricks for Pairing Mother-Daughter Jewelry

Our Top 4 Tips and Tricks for Pairing Mother-Daughter Jewelry

Matching in mother-daughter outfits is one of the cutest trends, in our opinion. Finding unique ways to build connections and express your style with your family is so gratifying! But let’s be honest, dressing in the same clothes as your child every day can be inconvenient and expensive.
Let’s think of another option.
At Cove, we provide mom-and-child bracelets so you can match in an adorable and meaningful way without the hassle. Here are our top four tips and tricks for pairing mother-daughter jewelry!
A mom holding her baby daughter with a mom and child bracelet

 #1: Choose Matching Designs

A purple and gold-beaded bracelet for daughter

Our adorable, matching jewelry comes in so many designs at Cove. Most mom-and-child bracelets feature the same design, but having an identical design isn’t essential. If you want some variation, make sure the designs complement each other. Use similar shapes and don’t stray from a general theme. Ask yourself if you would still match the bracelets together if you had never seen them before.

Having different designs is also a good idea if your daughter’s wrist is too small for a more complex bracelet. That’s why baby jewelry is often simplified. Whether you choose an identical bracelet for your daughter or not, cohesive jewelry is always a yes in our book.


#2: Buy Complementary Colors

A pink bracelet with flowers

Complementary colors are a great way to express different personalities while still wearing matching mother-daughter jewelry. You can have two bracelets that look and cost the same but show your individuality. Your daughter will appreciate the complementary colors as she grows and becomes more independent. Any combination is fun and cute, but mixing complementary colors makes your bracelets stand out that much more.

Black and white is a popular color combination because black and white matches just about everything. Beads are another great way to go about this. Our Cove Flower bracelets come in many colors and would make a great bracelet for your daughter.


 #3: Use the Same Base Material

Matching gold-chained mom and child bracelets

If you want your mom-and-child bracelets to truly match, choose bracelets made with the same metal or material. You can experiment with design and color, but the base of the jewelry should stay the same. One exception to this rule is if you want the base to be the only different thing (like getting matching necklaces in gold and silver). At Cove, we carry various golds and silvers and colors of string. Matching the color with your skin tone is another great way to take your and your baby's jewelry to the next level.


 #4: Keep It Simple

Matching gold-chained mom and child bracelets

As stated above, simple designs are usually best with baby jewelry. You and your baby can wear simple pieces all the time and not worry about getting them caught on things or broken. If your bracelet is for an older daughter, she will also appreciate having jewelry simple enough to layer on top of. It doesn’t need to be complicated to be cute! Take a look at your lifestyle and your daughter’s maturity and pick jewelry that fits your situation. Jewelry is much more valuable when it’s meaningful, simple, and elegant.


Find Your Mother-Daughter Jewelry at Cove

Baby jewelry on a child's hand over a pink and white rug

Making connections and building relationships with your family is so important, and we feel honored to be a part of your mother-daughter jewelry experience. Take a look at our matching jewelry pairs or build your own set! Whether you’re looking for a matching bracelet for your daughter or the perfect set of earrings for an event, Cove is ready to give you the best of the best.

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