Trendy gold jewelry from the Cove Jewelry collection

3 Jewelry Trends You Should Adopt This Season

We all get a little caught up with the trends, from the color of the year to whatever is currently topping TikTok FYPs. One trend that deserves a bit more attention is jewelry trends. We’re not talking about engagement rings (since they always get the spotlight!), but we are featuring bracelets, necklaces, and simple rings for women. These pretty pieces are elegant and timeless and stack well together. Maybe they'll make it to the top of your holiday shopping list. 

Now let’s have the trends do the talking!

Trendy gold jewelry from the Cove Jewelry collection

Trend Overview: What’s in Vogue? (Literally)

A few weeks ago, Vogue released its Spring 2023 Jewelry Trends Report which covered eye-catching styles in the high-fashion editorial space. The trends include fashionable DIY, flowers, uncut gems, pearls, and more. A lot of the styles aren’t suitable for everyday wear, but we’ll take inspiration from them and make them functional (and affordable).


Trendy Bracelets for Women

A colorful stack of bracelets for women from Cove Jewelry

We’ve been seeing a lot of talk about permanent jewelry, particularly permanent bracelets for women. Permanent jewelry is typically exceptionally simple with just a chain. While we have some styles that match the vibe of permanent jewelry (check out the Dressy or the Ellery!), we also carry styles with a pop of color or some extra charm for you or the little ones in your life. Bring home a bracelet or two to stay ahead of the latest jewelry trends. 

The bracelet stack is making a chic comeback. Instead of rubber bands or slap bracelets, today’s bracelet stack is subtle and stylish. Take a look at our line of delicate layering bracelets, or add a bangle to the stack.


Trendy Necklaces for Women

A woman wearing a gold stack of necklaces for women from Cove Jewelry

When it comes to necklaces for women, go for gold. The trend now is gold and stacked. The necklace stack is trending just like the bracelet stack. The key to a truly timeless necklace is to pick a necklace that has meaning, like birth flowers or letter necklaces paired with a pretty chain. You could pick birth flowers or letter necklaces that represent family members, friends, or anyone you love or something that represents your birth month or name. 

Delicate details are another trend to keep tabs on—like this dainty daisy necklace. A simple necklace can be stunning and sophisticated. Dainty details and meaningful necklaces are trendy and timeless. If you want to have it all, peruse our necklaces section and see what you like. 


Trendy, Simple Rings for Women

A simple bracelet and simple ring for women from Cove Jewelry

Step aside engagement rings! Simple rings for women are in. And ring stacks are in too. Now, stacks on stacks on stacks might be a little much, but some variety in your jewelry box can be a good thing. After all, the great thing about a stack is that you get multiple looks in one, no? We have three styles worth stacking—the Riley, the Dainty Textured, and the Dainty Stud. You can mix and match and create a look that’s totally you.

Our Addie Knotted Ring is another simple ring for women if you want to subtly add to your finger bling. The centerpiece, a gold square knot, adds something interesting juxtaposed with the simple stacks showcased above.


You Can’t Go Wrong with Quality Jewelry from the Cove Collection

Our pieces marry the trends with timelessness. Not only do they fit in with what’s fashionable now, but they’re designed to last and are water and sweat-resistant. All our pieces will hold up against everyday wear and tear.

Shop Cove Jewelry for all your trendy bracelet, necklace, and simple ring needs this season.

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